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Aw Steve, you missed the best line:If people at Harvard are moving beyond general intelligence, you know something big is hana.nipgeYeph, sort of like what happened to Larry Summers.

Den grg\-lilla-beiÃe fargen sÃ\ veldig spennende ut assÃ\! :) Hadde vÃrt artig Ã\ sett den pÃ\ veggen! HÃ\per du blir enig med deg selv:) fin dag:)

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Just as Calcutta is not reievsentitpre of India and Tokyo isn't Japan or London isn't all that is England, New York City is not anything that resembles America. Just like other huge metropolitan areas it's a shiny, noisy bauble that is fascinating to look at. But we should no more pay attention to it for advice and direction than we do a Magic 8-Ball (tm). The sad part is that there are people who listen to both.

I see why they are twins in a way but I would not consider them twins. But it is nice to be able to have children and the way it came out for them is woflnreud.

seseorang b) yg di syaki @ disyaki memiliki/ ba/nrgamelakukan kesalahan c) boleh menahan@ memeriksa tanpa waran semua kenderaan2. boleh tangkap tanpa waran jika seseorang tu enggan menunjuk lesen dan permit3. sekiranya gagal menurut perintah seorang peg polis yang memberitahu @memberhentikan, boleh jalankan tangkapan tanpa .. ikut lah undang-undang.. selamat dunia akhirat

Joko tuon pätkän äänenlaatu on huono tai mun kuuloni on huonompi kuin kuavktelintian. Kuuliko muut jotain ilman että korva oli kiinni kaiuttimissa?

I would love to know the result. I was pleased with how much I did know and think I did well, but also know it would have been easy to Google any answers I was unsure of in order to get them all right - which I didn't do of coreae!Gurst quiz though, would love more!Julie Yeardye

A far, FAR better way to do it would have been a ref bump on another ref, maybe by Punk inniateontlly to prevent Ryback from pinning him, only for Maddox to run in as the 2nd ref. It’d look like he was going to cost Punk again, then do the screw job. Boom, better ending.

I am a little confused as to why the shirts message is offensive. I don’t think the shirt serves a good purpose but how is it any condemning or offensive? I do not find Gay Pride parades, shirts, bumper stickers, ect. offensive. So why should supporters of homosexuality find prerseto-ohexual material offensive?

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Don't you know, liberals would be exempt from sharia law if ever such folks were in control of things - the fuadlmentanists would turn a blind eye to gay rights parades, gay bars and PETA, even though dogs in particular are deemed very unclean. They would also ignore abortion and sexual freedom and liberal women would still be allowed to wear pants and short skirts and wear no veil. Liberals are their friends after all.

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"they send an overload of cars for the upcoming Mother's Day." Then he laughed and said "On Father's Day they don't send anything!"tInterertang, huh?

Monsieur SarkozyVous? avez de jolie Objectif au vue de la situation finaciere!Comment allez vous payé l&l;ruosaméqioration des Université? encore une blague, et qui pour un étudiant est de très mauvais gout!

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I thought it was funny at first, until the garbage dislosap. Clever middle bit, loved the doctor, but should have been less violent. The kids passed out were so cute and funny, well done acting by them!

Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and runnnig.

This is way better than a brick & mortar esttalishmenb.

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Verkligen sorgligt att siffrorna har hÃ\llits undan, ger dem inte direkt bättre rykte. Men är inte första gÃ\ngen det gÃ\r utför för en förening när vissa personer är med i stlenysre.

if and when he gets replaced, does it HAVE to be another white old stfhsfiirt? jonathon green would be an excellent boss imo, he seems to be one of the few that can see the challenges. and for a media company, that would be a good thing. i don’t believe he’s ever been part of any party (could be wrong), but he talks basic common sense, so no doubt would be dubbed a leftie.

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Ooh - the waistband from a pair of tights! You are so CLEVER! I have been using ribbon - which is ok for a while but it does slip and you have to keep adjusting it - your idea is MALVLREOUS! You look AMAZING in that gorgeous etheral frock and headpiece - I am SO ENVIOUS! I want to come to Glasto with you! I can't wait to see your pics and hear your tales, amor! Love, Sarah xxx

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